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Visual Technicians is the art of Jeff Boyes.  2016 marks the 13th Anniversary of Visual Technicians as an outlet for the creative endeavours of Jeff.  He has strived to refine his style over these 13 years.  As a student of lino-cut prints and screen printing, he has slowly developed an illustration style that shows those influences. His prints have a lot of similar line-work to lino-cut prints but with the bright bold colors of a screen print.  In the past 6 years he has worked with Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles on a regular basis, as well as Spoke Art in San Francisco and Ayden Gallery in Vancouver.  He has worked on projects for the T.V. shows Lost, Breaking Bad, and Modern Family.  In 2013 he worked with Gallery 1988 and The Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences on a "Lincoln" screen print for The Oscars. He has also worked with Sony on special edition Blu-Ray covers for Leon:The Professional and Drive.  In 2015 he was involved in Star Wars: Force for Change, where he created a screen print for charity.

In the graphic design world his clients and collaborators include: UFC, Reebok, Skuzzles/MGM, Freehub Magazine, Sombrio, El Kartel, and EA Sports.  You can view my portfolio here.

Jeff Boyes Portfolio