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05 Dec '17

Flatmates -Crazy 4 Cult 11

Posted by Jeff Boyes
Crazy 4 Cult was one of my first shows ever at Gallery 1988, so it's cool to be involved in it again after all these years. When picking a subject matter I wanted to be more current than I usually am ( I love the 80's) and that led me to What We Do In The Shadows. The talents of Taika Waititi and Jermaine Clemente are inspiring to say the least.  What a combo! When I was trying to get the 4 Vampires together in some sort of "Group of Friends" type composition, I just kept coming back to the Queen II album cover. Maybe it was Freddie Mercury's pose with the crossed arms that got me. I hope you like the final product! Danny Askar did an amazing job printing these and he says they are black light friendly, so give it a try!