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11 Nov '13

"Obsolete Vernacular": My Royal Tenenbaums print for the Spoke Art "Bad Dads" show.

Hey Everyone!

 Here is my contribution to the 4th Annual Bad Dads Art Show at Spoke Art in San Francisco.  This show is dedicated to everything Wes Anderson and this year I chose to do a print based on one of my favorite characters "Eli Cash". A lot of my favorite lines and moments from Royal Tenenbaums involve this character including his awesome television interview.

 This print is a 4 color screen print, 18" by 24", Edition of 60, and printed by the amazing Danny Askar.  They are only $35 right now through Spoke Art.  I will have a few A/P's available next month, but it is much easier to grab one from Spoke Art right now.