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29 Jan '15

Army of Darkness A/P's now for sale!

Hey Everyone,

I have a very small number of Army of Darkness A/P's up for sale.  Regular (Red) is an edition of 15 while the Variant (Bronze) is an edition of 10.  These prints turned out pretty awesome in real life. The line-work is sharp and the metallic inks are nice and vibrant.  This print was done in partnership with Skuzzles and MGM and was approved by Bruce Campbell himself!  All A/P's are signed and numbered and will ship within a week of the order date.

12 Dec '14

Official "Army of Darkness" prints now on sale!

Hey Everyone,

Exciting news!  I had the great opportunity to work with Skuzzles and MGM on an Official "Army of Darkness" print.  This print was approved by both Bruce Campbell himself and MGM Studios! Skuzzles released the prints this morning, www.skuzzles.com  Check them out!  I will have a few A/P's up in the future, but if you want a guaranteed print, buy one from Skuzzles.. and they are Canadian!

11 Nov '13

"Obsolete Vernacular": My Royal Tenenbaums print for the Spoke Art "Bad Dads" show.

Hey Everyone!

 Here is my contribution to the 4th Annual Bad Dads Art Show at Spoke Art in San Francisco.  This show is dedicated to everything Wes Anderson and this year I chose to do a print based on one of my favorite characters "Eli Cash". A lot of my favorite lines and moments from Royal Tenenbaums involve this character including his awesome television interview.

 This print is a 4 color screen print, 18" by 24", Edition of 60, and printed by the amazing Danny Askar.  They are only $35 right now through Spoke Art.  I will have a few A/P's available next month, but it is much easier to grab one from Spoke Art right now.



12 Aug '13

Breaking Bad is Back!

Very excited to finally have Breaking Bad back on T.V.  Only 8 episodes left and it's all over.  What's gonna happen to Walt!

Still a few "Los Primos" prints left from the Official Breaking Bad print series.  Grab one for only $35.  The series is being featured on the Breaking Bad after show, "Talking Bad" so make sure you look closely at pictures on the walls!