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21 Jul '15

"Both Sides" Artwork now available at Gallery 1988

Posted by Jeff Boyes

Hey Everyone,

All my prints from the show are now available at nineteeneightyeight.com

I have 8 new prints up including the ones below.  Check them out and grab one or two before they sell out!  Also make sure you check out Dan Mumford and the other special guest's work in the show.  There is some amazing stuff!

Thanks and enjoy!

Jeff B.

08 Jul '15

"BOTH SIDES" A Show Celebrating Heroes and Villains

Posted by Jeff Boyes in Gallery1988, Karate Kid

Hey Everyone,

I'm excited to announce the next show I'm involved in!  Both Sides: Celebrating Heroes & Villains opens July 17th at Gallery 1988 West in Los Angeles.  I'll have 8 new prints in it.  This show will have some amazing art for Dan Mumford and a few special guest artists as well. Hopefully I will see some of you at the opening!  All artwork should be online sometime on Saturday July 18th through Gallery 1988.

20 May '15

Spring Sale!

Posted by Jeff Boyes

Hey Everyone,

Until the end of May I have 25% off all orders over $30!  Also, T-shirts now come with free shipping within North America!

Summer is almost here, and that means I'll have some new prints coming out.  Stay tuned.


Jeff B.

29 Jan '15

Army of Darkness A/P's now for sale!

Hey Everyone,

I have a very small number of Army of Darkness A/P's up for sale.  Regular (Red) is an edition of 15 while the Variant (Bronze) is an edition of 10.  These prints turned out pretty awesome in real life. The line-work is sharp and the metallic inks are nice and vibrant.  This print was done in partnership with Skuzzles and MGM and was approved by Bruce Campbell himself!  All A/P's are signed and numbered and will ship within a week of the order date.