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12 Dec '14

Official "Army of Darkness" prints now on sale!

Hey Everyone,

Exciting news!  I had the great opportunity to work with Skuzzles and MGM on an Official "Army of Darkness" print.  This print was approved by both Bruce Campbell himself and MGM Studios! Skuzzles released the prints this morning, www.skuzzles.com  Check them out!  I will have a few A/P's up in the future, but if you want a guaranteed print, buy one from Skuzzles.. and they are Canadian!

28 Nov '14


Posted by Jeff Boyes

30% all prints! I've even added my last copies of FrankenMurray, Eternal Sunshine, and the Point Break Variant


04 Aug '14

"Art of Character" A/P's from my solo show at Gallery 1988 East are now up!

Posted by Jeff Boyes

Hey Everyone,

Here's your chance to grab one of my A/P's from all the prints at my solo show. Most of these are in an edition of only 10! There was a slight mix up with the Cousin Eddie prints, therefore there are 10 of the Green Version, and only 6 of the Regular version. (It should have been the other way around).  I'm really excited about all of these prints.  A lot of hours went into making these and I'm proud to finally release them to you guys.  Enjoy!  Thanks! Jeff B.